• Compassion: Compassion: A heat felt approach.
  • Advocating: Advocating: Committed to client-based care.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration: We are the communication bridge.

Our Mission

To maintain and respect the vital importance of strict confidentiality, while providing excellent service to our customers and claimants in the field of Medical Rehabilitation.

About Us

The team at HMRCS is dedicated to working with the clients, their families, legal teams, insurers and other treatment professionals to address the physical and emotional challenges associated with their client’s injuries. Our objective is to assist clients in achieving a more independent and socially enriched life with medical recovery and rehabilitation as our main focus.

At HMRCS all clients are treated as individuals with a rehabilitation plan developed to address the assessed needs of each client. The individual rehabilitation plan will outline goals, proposed interventions or strategies to achieve these goals within a reasonable time frame dependent on the medical and emotional status of each client.

Case management serves as a means for advancing client wellness through advocacy, communication, education and identification of service resources and service facilities, while ensuring that available resources are being used in a timely and cost effective manner in order to obtain optimum value for the client and the reimbursement source. Case management services are best offered in a climate that allows direct communication between the case manager, the client and the appropriate service personnel, in order to optimize the outcome for all concerned.